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  • What is a good eCommerce conversion rate for a B2C website?

    One of the most effective ways to see how your B2C eCommerce website is doing is to look at its conversion rate. A better conversion rate can mean a better profit. By conversions, we mean the number of people who visit your website and take a particular action. This ‘action’ is typically when they buy a product, but you may want to track other conversions like creating an online account or signing up for your newsletter. The higher your conversion rate, the better your website is at convincing customers to behave a certain way! In this article, we’re going to look at how to calculate your eCommerce site’s conversion rate and what conversion rate to aim for. How to calculate your conversion rate The good news is that it’s easy to find out and keep track of your eCommerce site’s conversion rate. You need to know how many web sessions your store has had as well as the number of conversions. You can find this information in Google Analytics – just make sure you’ve got goals set up to track your conversions. The next step is to turn this number into a percentage. For example, let’s say you have 2500 sessions and 125 conversions in the space of a month. This means your conversion rate across this period is 5%. What conversion rate should my B2B eCommerce site aim for? We recommend that the conversion rate for a high-traffic website should be 1.25% and around 2.5-3% for low to medium-traffic sites. Why the difference? When you have a high-traffic website, it’s easier to make changes to improve your conversion rate as you have more data to use to your advantage. However, this isn’t always the case when you have fewer sessions and visits. Is your B2B eCommerce website hitting the target conversion rate? That’s great! Keep an eye on your conversion rate and make sure it stays nice and high. Are your conversion rates looking low? Don’t panic. There are plenty of things you can do to give your eCommerce site a boost. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Review the customer journey on your website to make it as simple and frictionless as possible Carry out A/B testing to see which call-to-actions, headlines, and copy resonate most with website users Use email automation to entice customers back to your store, for example, with an abandoned cart email campaign Improve your page speed to stop frustrated customers from leaving your site Offer free shipping and discount codes to encourage shoppers to buy And remember… While having a target conversion rate to aspire to is a good thing, it’s important to remember that the right rate for your business depends on many factors. For example, if you sell a high-value product or service, your ideal conversion rate will be lower as customers need to carry out more research. Traditionally, the property and automotive industries see lower conversion rates than the fashion and event industries. Want to improve your eCommerce conversion rates? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.

  • Getting Started with Email Marketing: The Basics

    Emails are handy tools for official correspondence, chatting, and even saving documents. But guess what? Emails are very useful tools for converting clients too. Today, we'll walk you through the basics of email marketing and even give you a few time- and energy-saving tools along the way. So, let's begin right away. What Is Email Marketing? Simply put, email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, usually to a set of people, through email. In other words, it is the process of advertising your business to people via email. Email marketing is commonly used to build loyalty and trust between customers and businesses, encourage customers to make purchases and create brand awareness. Why Use Email Marketing? Email marketing is a very effective form of internet marketing. It helps BOOST revenue and ROI. It is your lowest cost-per-acquisition channel: A major advantage of email marketing is its low Cost-per-acquisition compared to other internet marketing methods. All you need is to have a database of the emails of your traffic. Also, emails are much easier to customize for particular clients, and at what cost? At low fees. Then there's a higher probability of a user responding to an email than some other e-marketing techniques. Automation: The ease with which one can automate messaging is another feature that contributes to the potency of email marketing. You can immediately engage with potential customers by sending automated emails when they show interest, and you can also sequence out regular emails to maintain that communication and nurture leads with minimal effort on your end. Increase Brand Recognition. An email campaign is an excellent way to remind clients of your brand. The greater the frequency with which they receive relevant emails from your business, the more likely they are to choose your firm while searching for a product. Keep traffic in the sales funnel: It can also be used to follow up with clients that do not respond favorably to other forms of advertising. For example, a user who doesn't click on a website advertisement can be persuaded to give their email address through a pop-up form. A customer is thus effectively returned to the marketing funnel through automated email marketing. Reduce extended sales cycles. If you provide services or complex items, it takes your leads significantly more time to make a purchase decision. Email marketing comes into play here. You can provide clients with step-by-step guidance, useful checklists, and video instructions to assist them to see the value of your product. How To Get Started Basically, you only need a smartphone or PC and a functioning email to get started on your email campaign. But there are several email marketing tools to make things easier. Before you can actually send emails to people, you need their email addresses. This can be obtained from a good Email Service Provider (ESP) [insert the link to your email marketing page], in addition to other email marketing services. Sending emails to people without their consent is known as cold emailing. The other (more effective) method is by getting them to give their addresses voluntarily (Opt-in mailing). We'll talk more about that in the following section. Top Email Marketing Tips With the 'email blast' most users experience daily, it's quite difficult to go through all emails. To send outstanding emails, there are some strategies that can effectively increase your chances of gaining new clients and retaining old ones. Let's check them out below: 1 - Improve your subject lines Strong subject lines mean better conversion. Quoting Hiten Shah, “33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.” The subject line is like a teaser or a movie thriller— it makes your recipients want to find out more. Some of the ways in which you can improve your subjects include using your real name while addressing them, using power words, creating a curiosity gap by not divulging full information and using statistics to add credence. 2 - Keep It Brief Overly long emails will likely be overlooked, that's why it's crucial to make your messages as concise as possible. Make sure it is short and straight to the point. Most importantly, make it skimmable. Divide your message into short paragraphs that can be digested at a glance. 3 - Don't forget to add CTAs Call To Action (CTAs) contains the link from the email to your dedicated website. When users have gone through your writeup and they want to give your business a try, CTAs serve as the link between your business and your email customers. A good thing to remember is that CTAs are more effective when placed towards the top than the bottom, though you can be creative with your placement. It's good to be emphatic with your CTAs, but don't overdo it or potential clients could be easily put off. 4 - Offer value In order to get email addresses voluntarily, you need a lead magnet, which is a gift that you exchange in return for their email address. The lead magnet can range from an eBook to a video. This method is much safer and guaranteed to yield better results. 5 - Adapt for mobile usage Majority of users likely view emails from their mobile phones. So, your emails should be easy to view on mobile phones, without excessive graphics or animations. A good idea is to link text to the images, these texts will be seen even if the images fail to load so the user has an idea of what the picture is about. P.S Send emails at the best times for most opens and clicks. This can be early morning like between 8AM and 1PM. How Much Does Email Marketing Cost? Email marketing prices can vary significantly based on the size of your email list, the number of emails you send, the level of assistance you require, and the technical specifications you seek. Some email service providers offer free email marketing programs which can be enough capacity for some users. Omnisend offers free marketing services for up to 500 contacts, as well as paid ones for as low as $16 per month. While some ESPs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly. Why can’t I use my regular mail for email marketing? People ask questions like “why can't I send a marketing email with my regular mail provider?” Yes, it's possible. However, you are likely to encounter issues with email bandwidth, design, and deliverability. Because internet service providers (ISPs) such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are created for personal use and not for broadcasting, Therefore, when you use your personal email, it might be easily recognized as spam and cause your account to be disabled. Conclusion Email marketing is very effective, but that's if you know how to use it. This article only touches on the basics but you can find out more. And when you're ready to start, check out more email marketing strategies at Want to improve your eCommerce conversion rates? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.

  • Great Tips To Step Up Your TikTok Advertising Game

    TikTok is a very fast-growing social media platform. In the US alone, the number of users multiplied five-fold in just eighteen months. The total number of downloads reached 600M in 2020, making it the most downloaded mobile app. TikTok's exponential rise to the mainstream is largely due to the brevity of the videos and fun features. In this article, we’ll discuss effective strategies to leverage TikTok's popularity for advertising your brand. What are you waiting for? Let's begin! How Effective Is TikTok Advertising? TikTok advertising, though unconventional, is quite potent. With approximately 211 million active everyday users, advertisements on TikTok have the potential of reaching millions of people worldwide. Various top brands advertise on TikTok, while some achieved fame through TikTok, including Aerie and Maybelline. However, not every business can benefit from TikTok’s unique offering. Before investing your time and effort into TikTok advertising, there are questions you need to find answers to yourself to determine if the platform is right for your business ad. Here: What Is the Target Age for Your Business?: 60% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24 while 26% are between the ages of 25-44. Overall, 80% of users are within the age range of 16-34. So, Tik Tok ads are better for people with products for youngsters and the middle-aged. This is not to say that your ads can’t reach older people. TikTok definitely has its fair share of senior citizens. What Is your advertising budget for TikTok?: TikTok has several advertisement plans for various budgets. They run campaigns that cost $20 daily while some cost up to $50 daily. TikTok also has premium plans that start at an average of $10 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions) which can go up to $300,000. In addition, TikTok campaigns require a minimum spend of $500 so they may not be a good fit for your business if you’re seeking more economical and reliable advertising options. How To Advertise On TikTok Advertising on TikTok is similar to advertising on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The easiest method is uploading videos using a normal account and suitable hashtags. There's nothing wrong with that, but it can be taken up a notch. Firstly, you can open a TikTok Business account. This allows you to add links to your business website and email, get real-time analytics of user responses, and access to several business-friendly features. The other involves using TikTok ads, whereby you pay TikTok to advertise for you. This ensures a higher reach for your brand. Even though these methods help improve coverage, everything boils down to how compelling your contents are. That brings us to the next section, where we'll give you tips on how to improve your TikTok adverts. TikTok Advertising Strategies Below are some powerful strategies that are guaranteed to improve sales. There are several available strategies but we've distilled the important ones and here they are: 1. Use Hashtags To Your Advantage TikTok, like Twitter and Instagram, uses hashtags to recognise content. Using the right hashtags can do wonders for your coverage. Don't make the mistake of using only trending hashtags, or you run the risk of getting drowned in a sea of other contents. Rather, use niche hashtags so that it stands out and gets to the right people. Also, keep in mind that more hashtags do not always translate to more coverage. 2. "Do Not Upload Ads, Make TikToks" TikTok allows up to a minute of videos but that doesn't mean you should just upload your thirty-second commercial. TikTok ads should be made for TikTok. Use TikTok filters, trending music and most importantly, make your videos in the native “19:6” format that TikTok uses. 3. Use Influencers There are several influencers on TikTok. If they recommend your brand, several people will try you out. You don't even have to partner with mega-influencers like Zach King. You can find upcoming stars in your niche that'll work with you. If you sell perfumes and are based in Indiana, for example, you can search for #indianaperfume to find influencers in your niche. 4. Be Engaging If your content does not grab users' attention within 5 seconds, they'll just swipe to the next interesting video. That's why it's crucial to make your videos start with interesting stuff. You can also make your followers participate in interactive hashtag challenges, games and other activities to make them come back for more. 5. Choose the right objective for your Ads It's essential to first think about your business objectives and what you want to accomplish before creating an advertisement. Your advertising goal is what you want people to do after seeing your advertisement. You can either be looking for more reach, traffic, app install, views, lead generation, or conversion. Your campaign objectives will change as your business expands but you should always be clear about what your goals are. TikTok Advertising Costs TikTok campaign costs are measured in Cost Per Mile (CPM). The minimum CPM is $0.5 which means that you pay 50¢ per 1,000 views. The minimum Cost Per Click is $0.02. If you opt for TikTok influencers, you can pay from $5-$500, depending on the influencer. Conclusion TikTok advertising can significantly improve sales, give you more impressions and even brand recognition. To achieve this, however, it has to be done right. You can easily apply the above tips and experience the full power of TikTok. Want to start ads on TikTok? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.

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  • Best Digital and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Miami

    Contact Us Today! We are a team 🤓 of experts that get a thrill out of driving more online sales to your website. Grow Your Online Sales With An eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency Get A Digital Audit Today! Speak To A Marketing Expert! Speak To A Marketing Expert! Miami-Based Team with 15 Years of Experience View Marketing Services - Digital Marketing - eCommerce & Web Development - Brand Development ​ It's Just eCommerce is about providing you with all the TOOLS that simply work in every area of your business, so you can enjoy explosive growth. Marketing Services For eCommerce Businesses Marketing Services For eCommerce Businesses Based out of Miami, we are a team of experts that get a thrill out of driving more B2C retail sales to your website. Philip Stein Delivered a 300% increase in gross sales Read Case Study Pure Inventions Delivered a 46% increase in revenue & a new website during a pandemic Read Case Study Proven Results - Case Study Better Services = Better ROI The problem with most digital marketing agencies is that they are focused on developing your brand's look and feel, without considering the factors that lead to more online sales. While most agencies are focused on choosing the right colors for your website, our goals revolve around generating actual ROI. "Digital Marketing and eCommerce Marketing share a similar digital path, with completely different outcomes." James Martinez (Founder) See More Speak with an eCommerce Guru today! Submit How did you hear from us? arrow&v Our Awesome Clients Philip Stein Watches Simons Sportswear Invicta Watches Pure Inventions Safari ltd Proven Results - Case Studies Ready To Grow More Sales? Get Started Now LETS GROW! Ready to grow more sales? LETS GROW! eCommerce Business Development Have an Industry Export Take Your Business to the Next Level Learn More Google Ads Simple - Appear Everywhere Learn More Email Marketing & Automation Expand With Your Lowest Cost Per Acquisition Learn More SEO Grow Profits with an Organic Strategy Learn More Social Media Ads Connect with Your Customers Learn More Web-design / Shopify Retail Is Simple – Make It Easy For Your Customers Learn More View All Services eCommerce Blog James Martinez Sep 19 What is a good eCommerce conversion rate for a B2C website? One of the most effective ways to see how your B2C eCommerce website is doing is to look at its conversion rate. A better conversion rate... 8 Post not marked as liked James Martinez Aug 22 Getting Started with Email Marketing: The Basics Emails are handy tools for official correspondence, chatting, and even saving documents. But guess what? Emails are very useful tools for... 10 Post not marked as liked James Martinez Aug 8 Great Tips To Step Up Your TikTok Advertising Game TikTok is a very fast-growing social media platform. In the US alone, the number of users multiplied five-fold in just eighteen months.... 11 Post not marked as liked Phone number

  • Ecommerce Marketing Consultant- ConsultingServices

    All-In-One eCommerce & Digital Marketing 'HUB' Managed Shopify Branding Digital Ads Reporting Email Marketing Google Ads SEO Business Development Marketing Funnel Sales Delivering profit, not empty promises Over the past 10 years, the team at It's Just eCommerce has been responsible for over $50,000,000 in sales for some of today's most innovative fashion and lifestyle eCommerce brands. ​ The company combines hands-on experience with best-in-class talent to deliver cutting-edge experiences centered around: paid and organic search, social, content, retargeting, performance display, feed management, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Get Your FREE Marketing Audit Performance-based digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience and has generated 50M+ in sales for clients. ​ When you work with us, you get to skip all of the difficult parts: Working 80+ hour weeks and SPINNING your wheels going nowhere Not knowing who to delegate marketing projects to, because you don't trust anybody Feeling like you are traveling in a perilous country without a map, about to lose it all Increasing overhead with new marketing strategies, but you're not seeing results And in the end we all know that many businesses could STILL fail! (sad, yet true) Ready To Grow More Sales? Get Started Now LETS GROW! Ready to grow more sales? LETS GROW! If that sounds like you, then you need… Personalized Attention And Expert Focus It's Just eCommerce is designed to cause a huge sigh of relief as soon as you start working with us. We know how to make eCommerce growth and marketing EASY for you, so that you can get back to doing what you are great at. That's how we came up with our name, after all. ​ The best part is this: our profit-producing strategies can work for you even if you've never sold a product directly to a customer online before! In fact, we specialize in helping B2B businesses build amazingly profitable B2C eCommerce stores from scratch. ​ If it worked for them, it can work for you. The first step? Get Your FREE Marketing Audit Contact Us Today! eCommerce Blog James Martinez Sep 19 2 min What is a good eCommerce conversion rate for a B2C website? James Martinez Aug 22 5 min Getting Started with Email Marketing: The Basics James Martinez Aug 8 4 min Great Tips To Step Up Your TikTok Advertising Game

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