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How to Get Started With Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing: What exactly is it?

The influencer marketing strategy involves recruiting influential people to use to promote your brand.

It's a different marketing approach. If you want to share a message or promote your product in the traditional way, you would pay for ad space and cross your fingers that someone would try it. Influencer marketing refers to paid marketing carried out by individuals (or their agencies). The reason it works is that it's more personal.

How can Influencer Marketing benefit your business?

The reason influencer marketing works is that people connect better with one another. An influencer can inspire trust between them and their audience. In that way, influencers who use and share your products with their audience will also trust your brand.

What are the steps you can take to get started with influencer marketing now that you've decided to give it a try?

1. Begin by thinking about your audience

Understanding your audience is the first step. Choosing the person who will carry your message depends on whether you are on the same page with the audience.

2. Set your goals

What are your marketing goals? Are you looking to improve brand awareness?

If you want to select the right influencer to represent your brand, it is crucial to understand what you hope to achieve.

3. Finding the right influencer for your business

There are several ways to find influencers for your brand. What matters most is not about how many followers they have but how they engage with their audience.

Research, stalk, and research. Yes, you read it right! It would be best if you got to know your influencer.

If you want to reach out to potential influencers, you should be able to check them out. However, you will not creepily stalk them. Your goal is to study them to learn more about who they are.

Below are the things you should keep in mind:

  1. Their method of presenting information to their audience

  2. Responses they receive from their audience.

  3. Other brands they have endorsed.

  4. How often do they promote brands?

Don't get too swept up in the numbers game. While the number of followers is significant (and it is), it is not as important as the quality of followers. Choosing an influencer trusted by their audience and encouraging them to try something based on their endorsement would be wise.

Plan your strategy

This means you'll have to make a plan. You will need two programs.

It would be best to first market the influencer, and then a marketing campaign will have to be prepared for the influencers to present to their audiences.

How are you going to market your influencer?

To keep an influencer engaged with your brand, you must have something ready for them to experience. It could be your product or your services.

It could be beneficial to create an immersive experience for your influencers. Often, brands invite influencers to their events to try a product or service. As a result, the influencer can document the experience, sharing it with the community (think YouTube vlog or Instagram story). Influencers can have fun with this, and it can be part of your marketing campaign.

Build a marketing campaign that your influencer can share

In addition to having a ready-made campaign, immersive experiences are excellent for marketing. You can also use influencers to promote your brand to their audiences in slightly different ways. These are some examples of pitches to pitch, but your influencer may also have some ideas.

-Product review

-Giveaways or contest

-Sharing experience or feedback through video

To present your brand in a way that's both respectful of you and authentic to their voice, consider granting them a creative license. So it will feel more natural and not scripted.

You don't need glowing reviews to succeed. It would be best if you allowed influencers to be honest about your brand/product/event, even the parts they may not enjoy.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions. You can use an eCommerce marketing agency like ours to help you set up email campaigns and automation. Our core value at It's Just eCommerce is to make eCommerce easy. Therefore, we keep digital marketing simple, yet efficient, so we can enable you to achieve your result - revenue!

Want to discuss influencer marketing for your business? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.



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