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What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify flow is a Shopify plus feature that allows users to automate tasks and workflows that are necessary for running an e-commerce trade effectively across their favorite team apps and also within the store. However, it is limited to those with a Shopify Plus account.


The main features of Shopify flow are divided into three parts, and this part essentially shows the different ways to implement the Shopify flow.

  1. Original/Store Flow

  2. Organizational Level Flow

  3. and New Flow

Original/Store Flow

On the Shopify flow page, there are ready-made templates you can easily select from. These templates are store-use-centered. It involves automation that has features that automatically send you a reminder or email alert for important things in your store such as low stock in your store or order receipts to customers. To automate using the original flow involves 3 important steps namely trigger, condition, and action.

  • Trigger: This is automation that triggers the opening of the workflow. A relevant example of this is when a customer places an order either in the store or using a relevant app.

  • Condition: this is a step that determines whether the workflow that was triggered will be executed or not. It is dependent on the condition put in place by the store owner. For example, if you have put the price of your merchandise $200, no order can be filled below $200.

  • Action: this is the termination of the workflow or the execution of order i.e. the result of meeting the condition set or not. For example, if the customer paid $200 for the merchandise, the order will be filled and the customer account will be tagged for the purchase.

Organizational Level Flow

For Shopify users with access to the Flow organization level, they can;

  • Use workflow in their store without installing the app

  • Edit a workflow template or create a new one easily

  • Shuffle workflow across your stores.

This is because the organization-level flow gives them direct access to all the stores in one place. However for a user with the organization-level flow, to give a member of the team access to a particular store would require downloading the flow app.

New Flow

The new Flow is like any of the store flow, however, it comes with other enhancements to make it even better. Although, the New Flow feature is selectively available to Shopify merchants. It comes with better enhancements such as an editor that allows you to add more and improved conditions/actions for completing an order.


Notable benefits of Shopify workflow includes,

  • It creates a faster connection between merchants and customers. Feedbacks and order receipts are some of the easiest things that make customers feel closer to the brands they are buying from.

  • Shopify flow helps you monitor stock in your store. With Shopify Flow, you can easily set a reminder or a form of monitor that updates you when your stocks are going low or even when you are out of stock. This makes it easy to operate your store efficiently without losing sleep monitoring the stocks in your store.

  • Helps you build efficient communication with other members of your team.

  • Shopify flow helps you save time. With one-time automation, you can have enough time to focus on other really important things.


Although Shopify Flow is an e-commerce feature you can only get as a plus plan subscriber, the benefits outweigh the cost. In the end, after considering all factors involved you will realize it is a risk worth taking.

Want to know more about Shopify Flows? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.



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