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Tips to keeping your Google merchant center feed optimized

Have you been trying to get your google merchant feed perfectly optimized? This short post explains in detail all you need to do.

1. Always include a GTIN for every product

GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) are the most common product identifiers used in Google Shopping. The GTIN allows merchants to track your products across Google’s Surfaces and to monitor your minimum advertised pricing "MAP" through the Manufacturer Center.

The GTIN contains a lot of information, so it's important to include it if it's available. The only time it's not required is if you sell one-off items or products in bundles.

Generally, Google uses your product's GTIN to pull from the supplier's catalog and enters your ad into a lottery with other traders of the same goods. The ads will default to the properties of the supplier's catalog and dominate any feed optimization.

These ads are displayed in response to high-funnel queries. When a consumer clicks on the ad, he is taken to a landing page that has all of the versions of that one product available exclusively through your online store.

2. Title Optimizations

Product title optimization is one of the most important factors in optimizing your Google merchant product listings.

Google's algorithm will use your titles to decide which search queries your listings will be applied to.

Titles are to be precise and contain relevant information, such as reflecting how your customers or prospects are speaking about your product.

When your titles contain specific and relevant information that users include in their searches, your products will be positioned to capture your target audience, and you won't be listed out of their search or miss out on a purchase.

3. Colors need to be mentioned correctly in your data feed and on your landing page.

4. Optimizing Product Description

The description for every product carries less relevance in contrast to the title, price, and brand which show up immediately in the results without the user having to click anything. However, this is still worth optimizing because of its additional relevancy.

Tips for optimizing your description:

  • Put your product title at the end of every product description.

  • Include keywords with high relevance in your description.

5. Specific Product Category

There are over six thousand default Google product categories, so it's recommended to get as specific as possible. A categorization tool can help you navigate this.

6. Original product Image

Product Images are the first thing users see when your ad is shown, so you want to ensure they have high quality and are specifically taken for your brand.

7. Cleaning existing Data

Cleaning the existing data in your Feed is something that shouldn't be overlooked. This also goes a long way in optimization.

8. Paying Attention to Google Merchant Center Warnings

To ensure that your data is clean and accurate, Google Merchant Center works as a quality assurance source. When uploading your data feed into the Merchant Center, you'll encounter problems, warnings or disapproval and it is highly recommended to clean them up as soon as you notice them. Because even if your advertisements appear for certain queries, you will spend more money on ads than your competitors who have optimized feeds.

9. Match Product Data to Landing Pages

Shopping ads and their landing page messaging need to be the same, or you’ll earn lower ad scores and a lower conversion rate. For example, ensure using the same names in your product data as displayed on your landing page.

10. Analyze Ad Performance Data

Google Shopping data should be cross-referenced with search volume and other ad data sources. Key details to note includes — Conversions, Search volume, and Negative keywords

Want assistance optimizing your Google Merchant Center? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.



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