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Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced

What is shopify plus?

Shopify Plus is the topmost level of Shopify’s plans and is specifically designed to cater for large retailers and high volume enterprises. It has advanced features that target design and marketing, allowing enterprises to take their e-commerce stores to the next level and also gives them more control over the customization and functionality of their online stores.

Big enterprises that use shopify include Kylie Cosmetics, KKW beauty, Gymshark, Fitbit, Fashion Nova e.t.c Shopify Plus has a base license fee of $2,000 per month, but moves to a gross merchandise volume of 0.25% when you exceed a gross turnover of $800,000. With Shopify plus you can add many stores under the same license fee. This helps companies with more than one store to add different brands and variations for different countries.

Features and benefits of Shopify Plus

1. Shopify Plus clone stores

Beyond just paying a larger monthly subscription, Shopify Plus comes with 10 clone stores that gives users a good amount of scale. Although the clone stores function in isolation, it is a huge plus because it enables for truly customized international stores, among other things.

Shopify Plus has a multi-currency feature which enables Shopify Payments to support a wide range of currencies.The most typical usage of Shopify multi-currency is Localizing currency based on a user's IP. This feature is very advantageous for retailers who want to expand into new markets and attract international traffic.

3. Wholesale channel/ B2B

Shopify Plus users are able to use the Shopify wholesale channel,which includes a number of features for setting up a basic wholesale channel. It gives buyers access to a separate, password-protected B2B store. Users can enable customer-specific pricing and payment options, tiered pricing, purchase limitations, bulk discounts, shipping regulations,reviewing and modifying orders before invoicing, wholesale-only products e.t.c

3. Unlimited staff accounts

Unlimited staff accounts allow enterprises to grow their admin team by creating unlimited employee accounts. A typical Shopify Plus project involves at least 5 individuals from the client's team, numerous people from the development agency, an SEO resource, consultants, any third party managing integration e.t.c

4. The Shopify Script Editor

The Script Editor allows retailers to write scripts that run whenever a customer adds products to their online shopping cart. Shopify scripts is a plus-only tool that enables users to create rules for promotions, discounts, bundling, shipping, and payments to various customers or based on various characteristics.

5. Shopify Flow

Flow, which is a Plus-only feature that allows users to build, import, and customize autom ation processes and business logics. It also enables rule-based automation of varieties of operations, as well as the creation of actions based on a trigger and variables, such as creating wholesale accounts, canceling orders, disabling products, checking order dimensions etc

6. Shopify Launchpad

Shopify plus merchants receive access to a Launchpad, which allows them to plan and automate all of the steps involved in running a successful flash sale, product launch, adding or removing products, or managing sales campaigns.

7. Checkout flexibility

The Shopify checkout might be well-known for being rigid, but it still allows users the ability to customize more than other shopify plans. It also has features like broader styling, adding scripts, custom messaging etc and can be utilized by users who need additional functionalities.

8. Shopify support / account management

Merchants on Shopify Plus are exclusively assigned a Launch manager to assist during the build and migration, and a Success Manager, who is responsible for helping the retailer use Shopify Plus and generally get more from the platform.

What is Shopify Advanced?

Shopify Advanced has many functional capabilities but it comes with less features and benefits when compared to Shopify plus. It costs a flat rate of $299 per month and the same Shopify Payments rates as Shopify Plus but with a higher cost for using an external gateway. Shopify advanced also limits businesses to one store, i.e A retailer with two stores would have to pay $598 per month, which is 2 x the flat rate.

The Advanced Shopify plan is ideal for growing enterprises who want to standardize the growth of their business and use analytics to search for opportunities that can help them improve.

Features and benefits of Shopify Advanced

1. Custom report builder

The Advanced Shopify plan lets you create custom reports. It lets users track sales by referral sources such as Google Ads, i.e, a user can create a report that tracks the sales of their products based on the referral source. This helps users to analyze and refine their marketing strategy.

2. Advanced customer reporting

Advanced Shopify plan allows users to access reports on their at-risk and loyal customers.

3. Calculated carrier shipping

Calculated shipping allows users to merge with a third-party shipping service to present their consumers with the most up-to-date shipping rates at the moment of purchase.

Other features of Shopify Advanced includes:

  • 15 staff accounts limit

  • Best Shopify Shipping rates

  • Third-party calculated shipping rates. This can be extremely utilized when dealing with heavy goods being shipped internationally

  • Advanced report builder

The two Shopify plans have premium features and benefits, but retailers with growing enterprises are encouraged to utilize the Shopify Advanced plan to improve and standardize the growth of their business.

Want to discuss Shopify further? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.



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Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced

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