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How to leverage DHL eCommerce for international shipping

As your business grows, so will your shipping demands. Your traditional shipping method may not be able to cater to this increased demand. You'll need to adopt a more advanced approach.

Using third-party shipping carriers is one way to counter increased shipping demand and international shipping. You will also save time by not having to ship the products yourself because the shipping carrier company will do so on your account.

DHL is one such shipping company that stands out from the rest. DHL is a German shipping company that is unquestionably a market leader in logistics, especially in the areas of sea and airmail. The company offers customised services and solutions, including delivery, contract management, and reverse logistics.

DHL Express Vs. DHL eCommerce

DHL has several services for eCommerce stores and among them are DHL Express and DHL eCommerce. You may wonder which one is best for your business.

DHL e-commerce provides both local and international services, whereas DHL express only offers international services. As a result, you must select the appropriate medium based on your business and target demographic. This way, you'll be able to get the most value for money.

One of the world's fastest delivery options is DHL Express Worldwide. It's the ideal solution for eCommerce businesses that place a premium on speed and have clients who expect their purchases to arrive as quickly as possible.

Most major regions receive shipments between 1 to 6 days after order.

Note: The maximum shipping weight for international DHL shipping is 3,000 kg which is capped at 70 kg per parcel.

How to Ship Internationally with DHL

DHL International offers a variety of shipping options for both personal and business purposes.

  • Getting the Most Out of Your DHL Business Account

DHL Business Account users have access to additional services and utilities, as well as discounts based on the volume and ‌shipment type. When you open an eCommerce account with DHL, your business will get discounts on Express and International delivery that begin at 45 percent.

  • Integrating DHL with Your Website

Alternatively, you can integrate DHL plugins into your website if you use authorised programs like WooCommerce Shipping Services or Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app. This integration takes care of everything for you and automates a lot of the things you'd have to look for on the DHL website. Rates will be set for your consumers based on their order and a label will be computed and printed instantly.

With the DHL plugin, customers will be able to track their packages in real-time on your website. They can also enter their tracking code on the DHL website if they choose to.

DHL Plugin for Shopify

There are several ways you can integrate DHL into your eCommerce store. A very common and easy-to-use integration tool is the DHL plugin for Shopify.

You can simply visit the DHL home site and navigate to integration or search for DHL for Shopify on their website. This tool allows you to:

  • Easily create shipping labels

  • Request shipping rates

  • Generate automatic tracking codes

  • Add additional delivery services for the convenience of your consumers


DHL plugin helps eCommerce companies optimise their shipping process from store to customer's doorstep by providing real-time shipping costs, tracking options, shipping label automation, and more.

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