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How to use Google Analytics for eCommerce Business

Google Analytics is a must for e-commerce businesses. Unlike any other type of business, e-commerce is driven by data. And that’s exactly what Google Analytics is all about.

Google Analytics provides all the information you need about the performance of your e-commerce site. It can help you understand your customers and when used correctly, google analytics data can help you grow your business.

Let’s get you started on how you can use Google Analytics:

Content Optimization

Google Analytics provides search term results where you can see what your customers are searching for. This can help you identify what they want and it's also very useful in knowing what your site is lacking. Content Optimization can help you optimize your content that is tailored to sites traffic.

Understand Buyer’s Journey

Google Analytics can help you understand your customer’s journey. Using the behavior flow, you can track your customer’s engagement in your site. Google Analytics can provide you information about how they entered your site, and at which point did they stopped engagement. This will help you identify how your site visitors converted to leads. An overview of your customer’s journey can give you an idea of which pages work and which parts need improvement.

Know your Customer’s Interests

The Demographics and Interest Reports of Google Analytics can help you identify your customer’s interests. The data will help you develop content or marketing strategies aligned with your audience preferences.

Duration of Lead Conversion

Google Analytics also provides additional reports such as customer engagement on your site. Through the Path Length, you can see the customer’s activity on your site, and you can measure the duration. This will help you determine which marketing campaign is worthy of the customer's engagement.

On-Site Engagement

The Google Analytics Landing Page report can help you understand the attention span of your customers. It can give you information about the time spent on your landing pages and if they can convert into leads. This report will help you determine if your landing pages are good and effective.

Google Analytics can be confusing at first, but it is very helpful especially in the e-commerce world, Google Analytics is the backbone of e-commerce marketing. Data Analytics is gold but it can also be a threat when misused. It’s very important to interpret your data correctly so you can use it properly.

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