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Best Pay-per-click (PPC) Strategies You Must Know

PPC or pay-per-click is a marketing model where advertisers pay a certain amount whenever their ads have clicked. It’s buying visits or traffic to your business site. This method is most popular among advertisers who want to increase their lead conversion rates. The most popular form of PPC is search engine advertising. It’s when advertisers buy placement in search engine’s top pages each time people search for the keywords related to their business. PPC is one of the most popular and widely used digital

marketing models because it’s easy to use and delivers measurable results.

Key factors that can affect your PPC campaign

To succeed in a PPC campaign, you need to consider the following key factors: 

  • Keyword relevance – your keyword lists should be relevant to your campaign. Create keyword groups that would target the right audience for your business goals.

  • Landing Page – a landing page is where the audience gets redirected when they click your ads in google search. A good landing page should be optimized and contains relevant content for your customers. It should also be persuasive enough with a strong call to action. 

  • Quality Scorequality score is the rating given to your PPC campaigns, keywords, and landing pages depending on their relevance. A better-quality score means more ad clicks you can get at a lower cost. 

  • Creativity – PPC is not just about keywords. It also requires your creativity in coming up with copies that can attract customers to click on your ads. You need to create short but interesting copy that would catch the attention of the customers. 

With the changes that we’re constantly facing in digital marketing, the approach to PPC marketing has also evolved. The PPC strategies that might have worked before may not be applicable now due to changes in some tools or software we use connected to it.

To help you cope up with those changes, here are some strategies you must start doing:


Modifying broad match

While Google believes that modified broad is no longer effective in driving performances, the PPC community believes that it still works in converting traffic. Even without the modified broad option in google, you can still workaround by pairing your broad match and audience targeting. With this, you can opt to show your ads to searches that match your broad match keyword if the users are within your target audience. This way, you can have your ad reach the right person and it creates more brand exposure.

Get New keyword ideas

Finding the right keyword to add to your list might be a little tricky sometimes. With the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool, you can explore keywords that are widely popular on google. This tool can be used as a plugin in your Excel. You can just paste your keyword list into the Excel interface and the tool will recommend you a list of keywords that includes metrics such as volume, bid estimate, etc. 

Use display ads in a different way

More than creating brand awareness, display ads can also be useful in gauging the performance of your campaigns. You can do this by always including “display” in your Display campaign names. This would create a Traffic Source Audience in your report that will show you which users were converted by using a different channel. It will also provide information about the behavior of the users after engaging with your display ads. 

PPC Marketing can be a handful at first but if you’ll get the hang of it, you’ll be glad to see results. It’s one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies that can provide good results. 

Want to discuss PPC marketing for your business? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.



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