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How to choose the best SMS Marketing Platform

An SMS marketing platform is a solution that allows you to craft and distribute text messages to a list of phone numbers. With an SMS marketing platform, you can handle any promotional, instructive, and transactional communication with ease.

Why use SMS Marketing Platform?

1. Faster delivery: Messages get delivered faster because an SMS is delivered directly to your customer's phone, regardless of the type of phone or service they use. They also don't have to check their social media accounts or emails to see if they've received a message.

2. Affordable: SMS marketing platform allows you to send bulk messages to your clients without spending much. Unlike email campaigns requiring more creativity, design, efforts, and the cost associated with these, SMS marketing lets you save on these aspects.

3. Open and click-through rates are higher: According to statistics, open rates for SMSs are 98 percent greater than for emails, and conversion rates are 9.18 percent higher than other digital marketing channels.

4. Measurable results: With an SMS marketing platform, you can monitor the engagement and overall performance of your SMS campaign.

Selecting the best SMS Marketing Platform

There are thousands of various SMS marketing platforms accessible because SMS marketing is important, especially for eCommerce businesses. We have established some essential criteria to assist you in choosing the best for your business from the vast array of options available:

  • Easy to use: You shouldn't have to hire an expert to set up an SMS platform for your business. Some excellent platforms may be integrated into your current setup without requiring a great deal of technical expertise. Platforms such as Omnisend, TextMagic, and EZ Texting are built with an easy-to-use user interface.

  • Allows you to automate things like reservation reminders by integrating with other apps and services. The ability to integrate with other apps and services is essential. For instance, you may use your online ordering service to automatically confirm when an order is placed or ready for pickup, and then follow up with a customer satisfaction survey. Omnisend has a perfect Shopify and other eCommerce platforms integration.

  • Affordable: When it comes to sending SMS messages to your customers, pricing matters. It is advised that you choose a platform that possesses the characteristics listed above and is pocket friendly. While platforms such as SlickText charge $29/month, Omnisend offers free trials for new users and charges $16/month for premium services.

  • Scalability: It's also not a good idea to be stuck with a platform that is too small for your holiday marketing push. You should select a platform that will allow you to scale up your SMS campaigns without requiring you to pay exorbitant costs or upgrade to a much more expensive tier.

  • Wide audience reach: In selecting an SMS marketing platform, ‌consider one which allows you to reach a global audience. With platforms like Omnisend, ManyChat, Drip, and EngageBay, you can reach a global audience because they support all country codes for text-only messaging, allowing you to attract international clients. They also double as some of the best SMS marketing platforms you can get for your eCommerce business.

With the criteria listed above, selecting the best SMS marketing platform for your business has just been made easier. You can leverage the benefits of your selected platform while engaging your customers and increasing your conversion rate.

Want to find the best SMS platform for you? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.




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