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How to add Google Analytics to your site?

How to add Google Analytics
Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool is a great way to measure the performance of your site and find out what people are interested in.

It can help you figure out where you need to improve and how you should market your business.

In this article, we will discuss how to add Google Analytics to your site with just three simple steps.

Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that can help you make more money.

If someone lands on a page of the site that isn't converting well, you know where to focus your efforts with this tool.

Let's go over the process step-by-step!

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that provides digital marketing analysis. It is a web analytics tool to track and analyze an organization's website traffic.

It tracks where your customers are coming from, how they found you, the keywords they used to find you, what device they used to get in touch with your website or app, and more.

It's important for you because it helps you gauge the effectiveness of your site's SEO efforts for organic traffic.

It also helps market analysts provide insights into trends that help businesses understand their audience even better!

Follow These Three Steps to Add Google Analytics to Your Site:

Google Analytics is your site's best friend. Use it to track visitors, their paths of least resistance through the pages on-site, and what they do while there!

Get your Analytic ID

  • First of all, you have to get your analytic ID.

  • But if you do it the first time probably, then your ID won't be analytic. So sign in to Analytic Account and get one!

Add the Analytics ID to your site

  • Open a new google site.

  • Go to the blank page for creating your one.

  • In the upper right corner of your screen, click Settings.

  • Go to the analytic option there.

  • Enter your valid Analytics ID. It'll be like “UA-XXXXXX-X” or "G-XXXXXXX."

It will take some time to show you the data. So wait patiently.

You are Good to go

  • Now open the analytic.

  • And see your data. You can also take some help if you need it.

Why Should You Use Google Analytics?

It's for companies to keep track of what they're working on and when.

For example, it can tell you if someone's using your site more than usual or just logged in during one specific session.

We wrote down some bullet points about it:

  • It'll track your online traffic.

  • You can understand user behavior.

  • Offline to Online Tracking.

  • It'll provide data Reports and customization.

  • You can improve online advertising with marketing analytics.

  • You can improve search engine optimization and content marketing for your site.

  • You can also get google analytics conversion tracking.

  • Now you can find your target audience which will give you more profit.

Can I use Google Analytics on any website?

Yes, you can use Google Analytics on any website. It's free for up to 10 million page views per month.

Also, the information you learn from google analytics will be extremely helpful in providing insight about what your visitors want and providing solutions that are geared towards their needs.


If you're looking for a way to track your site's performance and see how people are interacting with it, Google Analytics is your best option.

Want to learn more about how Google Analytics can grow your business? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.




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