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eCommerce Marketing Email Strategy: How Much Should You Expect?

You've probably heard how email marketing can help many businesses reach new customers and grow their revenue.

With so many digital marketing options available, is email marketing still worth it?

Definitely, YES! If you want to grow your business and create sustainable opportunities, email marketing is worth your time and money. 

Email marketing yields greater returns than any other form of marketing. This will become your lowest cost per acquisition.

You should be able to generate 25-35% of your revenue via email marketing.

Among the most effective methods for acquiring and retaining customers, email marketing is considered one of the most effective methods. Once you acquire a customer's email, you have obtained a new contact.

Here are 5 email marketing stats that prove email marketing is a necessary tool for any business.

1. ROI is achieved through email marketing

On average, you can expect a return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. Returns on investment may be higher than those from digital or other marketing methods.

2. Email is widely used around the world

The number of active email users is expected to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. The growth rate is likely to continue in the future.


Email is an active channel of communication for most of your customers. Make sure you're also on board.

3. Consumers love the welcome email from you

Welcome emails have an average opening rate of 82%. Yes, we all appreciate the warm welcome! Work on getting a CRM like Active Campaign, Hubspot or MailChimp.

4. Email becomes even more effective through segmentation and personalization

An email with a personalized subject line generates 50% more open rates.

And another 50% by segmenting your email list. You can send different content to different parts of your audience to make your emails more relevant and personal. Most likely to have more clicks on the link within the segmented email. It only means the more visitors on your website link, the more sales.

5. Mobile users will be able to access your content

Smartphones are here to stay and likely to be a specific device in your customers' pockets. As marketers strive to reach mobile users, they are scrambling for creative ways to do so. The good news is that email marketing remains an easy, cost-effective option.

Approximately 60 percent of today's emails are opened on mobile devices. Through their smartphones, your email reaches customers on the go.

Would it be possible to improve my email efforts - where should I begin? 

The more emails you send, the better. With more email, customers are more likely to engage, take action, learn about products, and ultimately make purchases. The trick is to build automation and campaigns in an optimized way.

Email flows and automation

You should begin here whenever you intend to optimize your email campaigns. Email flows should have the highest performance.

Can you tell me why? It's because these emails are triggered based on the customer's actions. Emails like these will be most profitable for your business.

Be sure you have created all the flow requirements needed to cover the entire customer journey.


Then, take the time to narrow down your campaigns. True optimization is possible only with the most comprehensive segmentation. You should dedicate time to dividing your email list into engagement tiers. In this way, you can determine to whom to send specific messages based on where people on your list are in the buying process.

Do you plan to set up many campaigns? A good amount of email marketing per brand is 8-12 per month (for some brands this may even be higher).

Have you created any segmentations yet? There should be at least five segments in your list. This number could sometimes reach 10-20. As a result, you can send more emails while maintaining strong open rates and conversion rates.

Remember your email marketing should be about 25%- 35% of your revenue. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. You can use an eCommerce marketing agency like ours to help you set up email campaigns and automation. Our core values at It's Just eCommerce is to make eCommerce easy. Therefore, we keep digital marketing simple, yet efficient, so we can enable you to achieve your end result - revenue!

Want to discuss a marketing email strategy for your online business? Contact us today and see how we can help you make small changes that make a big impact.




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