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Amazon and eBay Marketplace Development

Shoppers like to shop their way.

Get in front of your customers with an omnichannel approach.

Services we provide to businesses:

  • Inventory integration from your e-commerce platform

  • List products on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart

  • Amazon FBA setup

  • Amazon Fulfillment

  • Order Import integrations

  • Create listing template

  • Connect payment systems

  • Setup tax and shipping settings 

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To put things into perspective:​

  • eBay: 138 million active buyers 

  • Amazon: 2.45 billion visitors each month

Selling on these platforms will increase your brand's reach and opens a new stream of revenue.

We help businesses integrate systems to increase efficiency while adding sales. We also work on plans to improve results month-over-month.

Have you been thinking about expanding your business to Amazon or eBay?

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